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When we were cleaning out and sorting through items in my granny’s house after she passed, I came across a few aprons that I remember playing with and wearing when I was younger.

Though it may be a memory that I only created in my head over the years, I can picture her putting one on. Maybe she just did that to play along with me. I don’t really know for certain.

These aprons are very worn, and need mended. But, they’re a great reminder of an essential item that is largely forgotten in today’s age. I do have several aprons that I tend to only wear when I’m working with flour or frying items that may pop and splash.

Though I really should be wearing them everytime I cook. I have definitely ruined or soiled clothes that didn’t need to be marked up and dirtied with ingredients.

Aprons not only help to keep your clothes clean for the moment – but they can help to prevent stains and damage that may occur during food prep and cooking. They are a fund and delightful way to preserve your clothing – and keep your washing and replacement costs down.

Here are a few of my favorite styles of apron.

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