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  "a few cherries"** "sugar" (Maraschino) cherries (2 13oz cans) evaporated milk 1.12 ounce package fajita seasoning mix 9 inch pie crust, unbaked 9-inch 9-inch pie crust A box of vanilla cake mix A pinch of salt Active Dry Yeast Additional toppings: sour cream and guacamole sauce American cheese slices American cheese, diced or shredded Angel food cake Bread or Mini Buns Canadian bacon Carbonated water Chalupa shells (or corn chips if you can't find shells) Cheddar cheese, grated Cide Vinegar Confectioners' sugar, sifted Cool Whip Corn meal Corn syrup Cottage Cheese (1lb) Cranberry-Apple Juice Crisco (or shortening of your choice) Dijon Mustard Fine salt French dressing Frying/Peanut oil Graham Cracker Crumbs Hawaiian Bread (Round/Bowl) Heavy Cream or 1 package of dessert topping mix**, prepared Ice (amount not specified) Italian sausage, ground or casings removed from other Italian seasoning Karo Syrup Kitchen Bouquet Maraschino cherries, finely chopped Mexican cheese blend, shredded Minute rice Nestle Toll House Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips Or, one container of whipped topping Orange juice, concentrate. Thawed Pecans Pecans or walnuts, whole or chopped Portobello muscrooms Russet potatoes Salad Oil* (vegetable oil, light olive oil, etc...) Salt and pepper to taste Semisweet chocolate chips Shortening (or other fat) Tabasco sauce Velveeta Cheese, cut fine Velveeta cheese Violet Blooms Violet bloom water* Whipped topping, optional for serving Win Schuler's Bar-Scheeze* (Pub Cheese) Worcestershire sauce Yellow Cornmeal about 17 oz. all-purpose flour active yeast additional melted butter for tops of loaves all-purpose flour all-purpose flour, sifted and divided allspice almond extract apple pie filling apple pie spice apple sauce apples apples, peeled and cored apples, tart backfin crab meet bacon bacon (or oher meat of choice) cut in small pieces bacon drippings bacon grease (or shortenin or butter) bacon, chopped bag of marshmallows baking powder baking soda banana banana, peeled banana, sliced bananas bananas (not overly ripe) bananas, firm bananas, mashed barbecue sauce of choice basil beaten beef base (granules or paste) beef broth beef broth (or water) beef chuck beef patties beef round steak (approximately ½ inch thick) bell pepper bell pepper, diced black olives, pitted and sliced black pepper boiled onions, drained (See Notes Below) boiling or pearl onions boiling water box Strawberry milkshake pudding box sugar-free strawberry gelatin box yellow cake mix bread crumbs bread crumbs, dry bright yellow banana broccoli florets brown sugar brown sugar (I prefer dark) brown sugar (I use dark) brown sugar (about 2 ⅓ cups, packed) brown sugar firmly packed and divided brown sugar, packed bunch of asparagus butter butter (8 tablespoons) butter (recipe calls for margarine, but I always suggest butter instead) butter (you can substitute for any fat you'd like) butter for pan butter softened butter, 1 stick butter, cut into small pieces butter, divided butter, for mashing potatoes butter, melted butter, softened (2 sticks) butter, softened (or melted then cooled) butter, softened or melted buttermilk buttermilk baking mix* butterscotch chips cabbage cake flour cake flour, sifted can chicken broth can cranberry sauce can cream of chicken condensed soup can cream of chicken soup can cream of mushroom soup can crushed pineapple can diced green chilies, peeled can evaporated milk can green beans** can of crushed pineappled, drained can pineapple tidbits can pumpkin puree can sliced black olives can sliced mushrooms, drained can tomato sauce canned green chiles canned peaches (Size not specified - assuming 15 oz) canned pineapple chucks, reserve the liquid canned sliced peaches, drained canned tomatoes with chilies cans condensed beef broth cans condensed tomato soup cans corn. (Or 6 ears of fresh corn off the cob) cans kidney beans cans of tuna cans sweet potatoes or yams, drained and mashed caramel topping carrot, chopped finely carrots carrots or 3 large carrots washed, peeled, cut and boiled until soft carrots, or corn, or cut green beans, drained carrots, thinly sliced cayenne pepper ceam cheese celery celery salt celery, diced celery, washed and sliced center cup pork chops (1 inch thick) center cut pork chops, 1-inch thick center-slice smoked ham cheddar cheese cheddar cheese, shredded chicken chicken (or one chicken breast, shredded) chicken breast chicken breast, cooked and cubed chicken broth chicken broth (or more) chicken brothj chicken stock chicken thighs, approximately 8 chicken wings, about 2 dozen wings chickens, split chili powder chili sauce chives chocolate chips chocolate wafer crumbs (40 wafers) chopped chives chopped fresh cilantro chopped nuts chopped parsley as garnish chopped pecans cider (malt or white wine vinegar) cider vinegar cider vinegar (or white vinegar) cinnamon cinnamon (or just a pinch) cinnamon sugar mixture (See notes below) cinnamon* (Please read notes below! I suggest only ¼ tsp cinnamon.) cinnamon, divided cinnamon, ground citron, cut up (substitute with lemon) cloves coarse salt coarsely chopped walnuts (optional) cocoa cocoa powder cocoanut** coconut coconut flakes coconut, shredded coconut, shredded sweetened cold tea (recipe did not specify on sweet or unsweet) cold unsalted butter cold water condensed tomato soup confectioners' sugar container Cool Whip container strawberry glaze (approximately 13.5 oz) container whipped topping cooked and mashed carrots (approximately 1 ¼ pounds) cooked crab meat cooked rice cored, pared, and grated tart apple* corn corn chips (optional if you can't find Chalupa shells) corn flakes (substitute crackers) corn starch corn tortillas cornstarch cottage cheese cracker crumbs (I prefer a buttery cracker) crackers cranberries cranberry sauce (jellied or whole) cream cream cheese cream cheese, softened cream of celery soup cream of chicken soup cream of mushroom soup cream style corn creamed corn crescent rolls crushed pineapple crushed pineapple (well drained) crushed pineapple in juice* crushed pineapple, drained crushed red pepper cumin cumin seeds cumin, ground curry powder dairy sour cream dark brown sugar dark chocolate dark chocolate chips dark cocoa powder dark coffee (cold or room temperature) dates, chopped diced onion dill weed dried basil dried cranberries dried oregano dried oregano leaves dried parsley dried pinto beans dried thyme dry elbow macaroni dry mustard dry onion soup dry sherry (substitute with chicken broth) dry white wine egg egg plant, peeled and diced egg whites egg yolks egg yolks, slightly beaten egg, beaten egg, lightly beaten egg, scrambled egg, slightly beaten eggs eggs, beaten eggs, lightly beaten eggs, separated envelope dry savory garlic soup envelope spaghetti sauce mix (2 ½ oz) evaporated milk evaporated milk, enough to moisten fettuccine finely chopped green peppers finely chopped rhubarb finely chopped tart apples firmly packed brown sugar firmly packed dark brown sugar flaked coconut flat pasta flavoring (vanilla) flour flour (amount not given. Only states "for batter like cake dough". )* See my notes flour tortillas floured nuts food coloring (Optional. Red or pink.) fresh carrots fresh cilantro fresh mushrooms fresh parsley, chopped fresh peaches fresh pineapple fresh, frozen, or canned blackberries frozen blueberries frozen broccoli frozen cranberry orange relish (partially thawed) frozen sliced strawberries frozen spinach (thawed and drained) frozen strawberries, thawed (approximately two small bags) frozen strawberries, thawed (or fresh) fryer chicken fryer chicken, cut fryer/boiler chicken, cut up (or equivalent size package of fresh cut chicken) frying chicken, cut (or 3 large boneless, skinless, chicken breasts - cut) garlic garlic cloves garlic peeled and pressed or sliced garlic powder garlic salt garlic, chopped garlic, halved garlic, minced ginger ginger ale, chilled ginger, divided gingerbread mix gooseberries graham crackers, crumbled fine granulated sugar granulated white sugar grape juice grated cheese (type not specified - I would use a fiesta style) grated cheese, cheddar grated onion grated pineapple, drained (if from canned) graulated sugar green bell pepper green chiles, drained and diced green enchilada sauce green onion - seed and cut into ½-inch strips green onion, chopped green onion, sliced green pepper green pepper, chopped green peppers ground beef ground beef (don't use extra lean - or your meatloaf will be too dry) ground cinnamon ground cloves ground cumin ground garlic ground ginger ground ham ground nutmeg ground pepper ground pork ground pork sausage ground smoked ham half and half halves of marshmallows ham steaks ham, cooked and diced hard boiled, cut fine hard-boiled eggs hash brown potatoes (homemde or frozen) hashbrown potatoes hazelnuts, ground head broccoli heavy cream heavy whipping cream homogenied milk honey horseradish hot dog buns hot fluffy rice hot milk hot pepper sauce hot sauce hot water ice cubes (or up to ½ cup smaller cubes) ice, for serving instant dry milk instant espresso powder jalapeno peppers, chopped jar Old English spread jar of maraschino cherries, drained. (Save the juice) jar pimiento, diced and drained jar processed cheese spread jar jalapeño relish juice (fruit) ketchup kiwi kosher salt lard, or butter* larege onion, chopped large English cucumbers large chicken breasts large clove garlic large egg large eggs large green bell pepper, chopped large lemon large onion large packages of cream cheese large packages of vanilla pudding large red bell pepper, chopped large skinless chicken breasts cut in half lasagna noodles (cooked, rinsed, drained) lemon lemon cake mix lemon instant pudding lemon juice lemon juice or vinegar lemon peel, grated lemon rind, grated (lemon zest) lemon washed, sliced*** lemon zest lemon, juiced lemons, peeled and seeded lemons, zest lettuce, shredded light brown sugar light rum lime juice lime zest links sausage loosely packed dill lukewarm milk lukewarm water macaroni, uncooked (approximately half of a standard box) mandarin oranges mangoes maple syprup (real maple syrup!) maple syrup maraschino cherry juice margarine ( or butter) margarine (butter*) marshmallow cream mashed potatoes mayonnaise medium cooking apples medium onion medium-size noddles, uncooked (egg noodles are great!) medium-sized melted butter melted butter (8 Tbsps) melted butter (or oleo - which is margarine) melted butter (or oleo) milk milk (whole works best) milk minus 1 tablespoon milk or half and half milk, for mashing potatoes milk, scalded minced garlic minced onion minced, stuffed olives mini-marshmallows miniature marshmallows molasses mozzarella cheese mozzarella cheese, grated (½ lb) mozzarella cheese, thinly shredded mozzarella, shredded or grated mushrooms mushrooms, chopped mustard mustard, ground new potatoes, quartered nut meats* nutmeg nutmeg and cinnamon nutmeg, ground nuts nuts (not specified) nuts (walnuts) nuts, chopped nuts, coarsley chopped of a fresh pineapple, cubed (approimately 1 ¼ Cup, or one can of chunk pineapple)* of banana of butter of cocoa powder of cream cheese of garlic of sugar of white granulated sugar oil oil for cooking oil for frying oil or melted cooled butter oleo (8 tablespoons butter) oleo (butter) olive oil onion onion powder onion salt onion soup mix onion, chopped onion, chopped fine onion, diced onion, finely chopped onion, grated onion, minced onion, sliced thin onion, thinly sliced onions onions (diced) orange juice orange zest oranges, juiced oregano package black raspberry gelatin* package cream cheese package cream cheese, softened package gelatin (unflavored) package instant cheesecake pudding package instant strawberry pudding mix package of miniature marshmallows package semi-sweet chocolate chips package tater tots package vanilla pudding (not instant) package whipped topping mix package. dessert topping mix* packages of cream cheese packages of cream cheese, softened packed brown sugar pakage banana pudding mix paprika parm or mozarella cheese, grated (optional) parmesan parmesan cheese parmesan cheese, thinly shredded parmesan for topping parsley parsley flakes parsley, finely chopped peaches, halved peanut butter peanut butter, smooth peanut oil pecans, chopped pecans, chopped (I left these out) pecans, chopped coarsely (optional) pecans, finely chopped pecans, ground pecans, shopped pectin** pepper pepper (optional) pepper, to taste pepperoni, sliced persimmon pulp pickle relish pickle slices pico de gallo or to taste pie crust pie shell pineapple chunks in juice pizza sauce pkg. dry taco seasoning mix plain buns, for middle layer plain yogurt popped popcorn pork butt roast pork loin roast pork sausage (links or ground) potato chips, crushed (or panko crumbs) potato water potatoes potatoes, cooked potatoes, washed - pealed - cooked - mashed) potatoes, washed and thinly sliced potatoes: washed, pealed, and sliced thinly poultry seasoning powdered sugar powdered sugar (1lb, so approximately 3.5 cups) prepared mustard pumpkin pumpkin pie spice quart unfermented grape juice, regular quick cook oats quick cook rolled oats quick cooking oats quick oats quick-cooking tapioca raisins raisins, plumped* red bell pepper rhubarb, washed and diced rice ricotta cheese ricotta or cottage cheese ripe bananas rolled oats salad dressing salad oil* salt salt (optional) salt (or more to taste) salt (to taste) salt *less than salted peanuts, chopped saltine crackers, crushed scallions, finely chopped scoop of vanilla ice cream sea salt seasoned salt self-rising flour semi-sweet chocolate chips semi-sweet chocolate chips (I usually buy Kroger brand - I like that they are not so small) sesame oil sesame seed buns sharp Cheddar cheese, shredded shortening shortening (or bacon grease, or melted butter) shortening (or butter!) shortening*, softened shortening, lard, or butter (softened) shredded cheddar cheese shredded coconut shredded lettuce shredded mozzarella cheese (4 oz) shredded parmesan cheese shrimp sifted all-purpose flour sifted flour sirloin steak sliced thin or boneless beef chuck roast skinless boneless chicken breast, chopped skinless, boneless chicken breasts (or leg quarters) sliced green pepper sliced mushrooms sliced red pepper sliced, mushrooms (drained) size of can depends on how many mushrooms you want in the dish. slivered almonds slivered toasted almonds small cabbage small can artichoke hearts small onion small tomatoes small wedges of Roquefort cheese small yellow onion small zucchinis smoked chicken, diced smoked paprika soft bread crumbs soft butter softened butter softened butter (1 stick) sour apples, sliced sour cream sour cream for topping sour milk sour milk (1 cup milk + 1 tbsp vinegar) soy sauce special dark cocoa powder stick unsalted butter strawberries strawberry jam strawberry preserves or jam strawberry syrup sugar sweet pickle relish sweet potatoes (or less, or more!) sweet potatoes, cut into ½-inch slices sweet potatoes, washed and peeled. Cut into 1-inch chunks sweet red pepper, chopped sweetened condensed milk sweetened, shredded coconut syrup table salt teriyaki sauce thick bread** thyme tilapia fillets to taste tomato juice tomato sauce tomatoes (I assume crushed) tomatoes, diced tortillas ttsp salt unbaked pie shell unconverted white rice uncooked oats uncooked rice (can substitute pasta) undrained, crushed pineapple unsalted unsalted butter unsweetened chocolate, melted and cooled vanilla vanilla caramels vanilla creamer vanilla extract vanilla icing** vanilla or almond extract vegetable broth vegetable oil vegetable soup mix vinegar walnuts walnuts, chopped walnuts, well chopped walnuts, well chopped (reserved for topping) warm milk warm water warm water (between 105 and 110°F) washed, peeled, sliced carrots water water (measure using above soup cans) water (using empty cans from above cream soups) water chesnuts (sliced) water, warm whipped cream whipped topping whipping cream whipping cream (or half and half) white chocolate chips white granulated sugar white onion, finely minced white only white pepper white rice white sugar white vinegar whites whole buttermilk whole chicken, cut into 8 pieces whole tomatoes yams yams/sweet potatoes yeast yeast (1 packet) yeast (4 ½ tsps)* yeast (two packages) yellow bell pepper yellow cake mix yellow dijon mustard yellow mustard yellow onion yellow onion, chopped yolk only yolks yolks only zucchini, chopped
1.5 quart casserole dish 15x10 inch jelly roll pan 7x11 Cake Pan 9 inch pie pan 9 x 12 baking dish 9x13 Cake Pan 9x13 Casserole Dish 9x13 baking dish 9x13 baking pan Cast Iron Pizza Pan Cast Iron Skillet Cookie Sheet Cutting Board Dinner Plates Dip serving tray Dutch Oven Electric fryer Extra Large Skillet Instant Pot Knife Set Large Bowl Loaf pan Measuring Cups Mixing Bowls Parchment paper Popcorn Popper Pot and Pan set Round 9-inch cake pan Serving tray Slow Cooker Standard oven Waffle Maker (See Notes) Wax Paper aluminum foil baking dish baking sheet baking sheets baking tray biscuit cutter blender bread pans bundt pan canning jars casserole dish cookie scoop cooling wire rack cutting knife deep fryer double boiler dough hook electric mixer extra large biscuit cutter freezable containers half-sheet pans hand mixer heavy duty stand mixer with dough hook ice cream scoop iron skillet jelly jars large baking sheet large freezer bags large iron skillet large mixing bowls large skillet lids loaf pans mandoline medium pot medium size pot medium sized pot mixing bowl mixing bows rings sauce pan shallow baking dish skillet stand mixer
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